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Explore Yangon

Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar and among the best places that one might to visit for a good holiday. If you are a nature lover, you would be greatly appreciable of the tropical trees, shady parks and stunning lakes that the city has to offer along with numerous other attractions, in addition to sightseeing, there is a lot that you might be able to do upon your next visit to Yangon. You can find high end health clubs in majority of the hotels while different amusement parks may also be checked out if you are visiting with kids. Majority of the people in Myanmar are Buddhists so you can find a lot of meditation centers throughout the city of Yangon.

The overall climate of Yangon remains pretty humid for the good part of the year. This is due to the fact that monsoon is highly influential in the entire region.

Just like the rest of the capital cities in Asia, Yangon also has to offer a wide array of bright colors, spices, rich aromas and exotic flavors when it comes to food. There are a lot of restaurants throughout the city of Yangon. They offer a massive variety of different kinds of cuisines including Burmese, Indian and Chinese foods. 

The nightlife in Yangoon along with the rest of Myanmar is far from the typical night life in the rest of the world. There are many discos, clubs, pubs and other similar destinations but they do not offer the best experiences. If you want to enjoy a few good drinks at nights, it is recommended to visit night life establishments owned by high end hotels

Yangoon is unlike most of the shopping destinations in the world but it does offer a wide array of shopping opportunities to its visitors. Handi crafts, jewelry, lacquer ware, silver ware, clothes and textiles are the most popular products offered by Yangoon. 

Yangoon is a bit different from the places you normally visit for a holiday. If you are looking for a generic experience, Yangoon might not be the best place to visit. But if you are looking for an exotic experience in the land of Buddha, this is the place to go to. 



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