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Prague Hotels

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Prague is an undeniably beautiful city. The City of a Hundred Spires is known for its Old Town Square, art-filled scenery, world-class cuisine, and the world's best beer. Prague's many districts add their own exciting flair to the overall experience. It is a city that remembers its history and celebrates a finer lifestyle.

The city is filled with stunning Romanesque, gothic and baroque architecture. Along the streets, one can find beautiful facades from centuries past. Among these are the St. Nicholas Cathedral, Rudolfinum and the Troja Chateau. A popular sight is the St. Vitus Cathedral, which impresses with its stained-glass windows and ornate reliefs. Lovers of architecture will be amused at the Dancing House hotel's one-of-a-kind design. In the Old Town Square alone, you can find many churches and historical buildings that will keep you taking photos all day.

Many explorations await you in Prague. In the Old Town Square, there are numerous events that will provide long-lasting entertainment like jazz bands, fashion shows, and alfresco concerts. Nearby, you can discover old chapels, lush gardens, low-key bars and quaint cafes. Prague's entertainment scene does not hold back, especially with its live music and theater. You can enjoy live music almost anywhere, listening to music ranging from jazz to heavy metal.

Open your senses to new flavors and try Prague's delicacies. Finding a restaurant or cafe around the city is easy, but what makes it hard is choosing one. The vast range of restaurants opens countless gastronomic possibilities. To get authentic Czech food, you could join a Czech food tour so you can enjoy traditional dishes like Beef Steak Tartare and Goulash.

Nightlife in Prague promises a wide assortment of activities with something for everyone. There are many classical and opera houses that show traditional performances, including the Estates Theatre, Prague's oldest theatre. Catch live music from local bands and international artists at music bars like the Blues Sklep and AghaRTA Jazz Centrum. For the partiers, Prague offers a generous number of clubs that have the best DJs and atmosphere. To see the hottest Czech DJs, check out Roxy or Palac Akropolis and dance until closing time. End the day with a drink or two; Prague's many bars offer all kinds of beer, wine and spirits.

With this city's limitless delights, it would be a surprise if Prague still wasn't in your travel list. It's the kind of place where you will always find something new to do or see. Although Prague isn't the cheapest city, its sights and experiences are priceless. Hotels here range from budget to posh, but it's recommended that you stay in the area that best satisfies your itinerary.

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