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Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and a popular tourist destination in Europe. The city is situated on the banks of Vltava river and has many attractions. Activities Tourists visiting Prague may take up shooting at one of the ranges across the city. Games and entertainment centers are quite common in Prague. The river of Vltava provides options to go for a cruise or sailing. Biking tours for exploring the city are also offered by different organizations. For the adventurous souls, the city has hiking and cycling trails in mountains and country side and an option for skydiving too. Climate Prague is situated in temperate climate zone and experience hot summers and cold winters. The winters months of November to March may see snowfall. The months of summer from May to August have a bright shining sun but may also experience rain. Eating Out There are numerous options for tourists to eat out in Prague. The eateries range from roadside bistros to posh find dine ones. A wide range of cuisine is served that includes authentic local cuisine and international food such as Italian. There are plenty of cafes that serve coffee and snacks during the day. Getting Around The Prague Airport provides international flight connectivity. There is bus service available in the city along with metro services and trams. A pass maybe availed of that allows travelling on all of these interchangeably. Cabs may also be hailed for travelling around Prague. Kids Attractions There are quite a few parks around the city such as those on Petřín Hill that are great recreational spots for children. Rose Garden and Mirror maze can be great for a family outing. The city has many museums that are worth visiting with kids. Puppet shows are another kid’s attractions. Language Czech is the native tongue of the people of Prague. Most of the places around the city have individuals that are have a decent command over the English language. German, Italian and Russian are a few other less commonly spoken languages. Money Czech crowns or koruna is the official currency of the Czech Republic. Eatable and beverages including alcoholic drinks are quite cheap. A three or four-star accommodations in the city may be available for about 2500 crown or 100 euros, per night with a room with basic necessities going as low as 25 to 30 euros. Negatives The city is infamous for the pickpocketing incidents and tourists must take care of their wallets and belongings. Cab drives and some restaurants may overcharge customers and visitors must keep an eye out for the same. Nightlife The city of Prague has plenty of night clubs that are frequented by tourists. There are bars, pubs and microbreweries that serve some of the best beers of the world. A few of the establishments play jazz or classical music for people having a taste in them. Jazz dock is a perfect place for live music along river side with good food. Restaurants There are numerous restaurants in Prague that serve authentic Czech food. Some of these may even serve international cuisine and drinks. Strahov Monastery Brewery is a pub and restaurant that has an outdoor area too. Nota Bene is another popular restaurant that dishes out food made from fresh ingredients. Shopping Shopping malls and local stores are abundant in Prague with availability of both branded and local goods. The Old Town Square is home to special markets that are organized at festivals such as Christmas and Easter. Sightseeing The city of Prague has many tourist hotspots that include castles and forts like the Prague Castle and Vyšehrad. The Old Town Square features a few churches that are worth paying a visit. Other places of interests include the Prague astronomical clock and the Charles Bridge. Besides these, there are various other landmarks and buildings in the city with historical importance. Time The months of May, June and September have a pleasant weather which is great for tourists. The temperatures are on the warmer side in the months of July and August. Christmas time is generally colder but the festive season and low number of tourists may be charming to some.