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Phuket Hotels

The best hotels in Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Thus, tourists not only can enjoy plenty of beaches, but they also have plenty of things to do. This was a trading and mining settlement first established in its current form by the Portuguese and it had many Chinese immigrants. Hence, the old city in Phuket has a unique Sino-Portuguese architectural style.

The often visited tourist spots in Phuket are the many beaches. This large island has more than 30 beaches which offer different things and experiences to suit all kinds of tourists. Tourism is the largest industry, and hence the beaches are very well developed for tourists. The southern beaches are especially popular and attract many tourists. The most popular among them is the Patong beach. There are several attractions for families as well as single travellers. There are many food vendors and sunbathing opportunities.

There are also many adventure sports activities, such as Jet Ski. This beach is lively, but for some, it may be a bit crowded at times. Those who prefer more tranquillity can head towards the beaches on the northern side of the island, where there are fewer tourists to share the beaches.

However, these beaches are still pretty well developed and you will still find some interesting activities such as scuba diving at some of the beaches. Tourists can also take boat rides to nearby smaller islands. The cruise along the Phang Nga Bay is a particularly mesmerising experience. A short boat ride can take tourists to the mystical Phi Phi islands which rise like fortresses from the sea.

There are various limestone cliffs and jungles to explore. Phuket also has two national parks which offer unspoilt natural beauty. Tourists can also take a trip to Phuket to marvel at the colonial era Sino-Portuguese architecture or enjoy the unique cuisines offered by the old restaurants and cafés.You can also spend time in 24-hour street markets selling various handicrafts and street food.

The Khao Rang provides a great panoramic view of the Phuket town as well as the surrounding islands and the ocean. Many towns, such as Patong are well-known for their nightlife. There are several budget accommodations as well as 2-5 star resorts and hotels scattered all across Phuket.