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Pattaya Holiday

Pattaya is a Thai city and is located at the eastern gulf of Thailand. It is highly known for its exotic beaches. It was established only a few decades ago as a small fishing village. But over the passage of almost 50 years, it developed into a modern city that has a lot of activities and beautiful sites to offer.

Activities When it comes to Pattaya, the activities are simply limitless.Regardless of the fact that you are young or old, you would not be disappointed upon visiting this city. Pattaya is famous for its beaches so you might want to start from there. You may have great fun at different beaches in the city. They offer a number of activities like wind surfing, water sports, snorkeling, etc. You may also enjoy golfing, go karting, water parks, quirky museums, orchid farms, panoramic viewpoints, elephant villages, etc.

Climate, The climate experienced by Pattaya may be categorized into three major seasons including the rainy, hot and cool seasons. November through February is the best time to visit this city since the weather is the best those days.

Eating out

Pattaya offers a fantastic range of restaurants and eating out opportunities. There are numerous food joints on almost every corner of the city where you can treat your taste buds with amazingly delicious food. The offered food variety includes cuisines of Thai, German, Italian, French, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, American, British, Korean, Japanese and Chinese origins.