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Lisbon Hotels

Lisbon - That City-Holiday Destination

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is filled with culture and wonderful places to party, eat and stay. It is also the cheapest city-holiday destination in the western part of Europe. It has everything to attract tourists from all over the globe. In Lisbon, you will find limpid skies, broad glittering river, steep cobbled paths, palaces, a castle, churches, pink colored tiles, indigo and mint; as well as grilled, fresh, cheap sardines for eating outside the bar (tasca) under the sun. It is a very beautiful and lively place.

When you are here, go to Belém via tram to visit many attractions in the city. You can go to the biggest plaza in Europe, Museu dos Coches where you can see the royal coaches' biggest collection ever. Then there is Jerónimos monastery which has columns and arches carved intricately like a filigree silver in Lisbon jewelers. Other places for art and culture lovers are Museu de Marinha, Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Museu Coleção Berardo and the 16th century iconic Torre de Belém.

You can choose the next stop as The Gulbenkian where you can feed ducks, see historical Egyptian stuff, hear Verdi (or jazz), lie under a tree's shade on the grass and eat ice-cream. The cultural oasis of this city is Museu Calouste Gulbenkian where you can see a stellar and electric art collection, outdoor and indoor auditoriums. A separate part of this museum focuses on Portuguese and British artists (including Rego and Hockney), and there are various landscape gardens to relax.

The next destination can be river Tagus which has an oceanic spirit and is tied with fishing, seafaring and other adventures in the Atlantic. You can quickly and easily go to the beaches in Cascais and Estoril via a train and to Costa de Caparica by a bus or a ferry. There are some famous flea markets in Lisbon, like Feira da Ladra which is open on Saturday and Tuesday or LX Factory that's open market on Sunday. The city has numerous bars, hotels and restaurants where one can enjoy world-class food and amenities. The memories of Lisbon are sure to stay forever with you.