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Our Story

We are a leading travel company. Our founders were brought together by their mutual love for adventure. We re-define the things you can do with a travel website. We inspire you to have an unforgettable travel experience, whether it's a romantic stay in Iceland, a ski holiday, or a thrilling safari experience in Africa. And this is not just it! We always take the extra step so that your travel experience turns into magical stories that you want to tell and we'll never stop doing what we do best, adventure.




A bright vision

Travel advice you can count on

We offer you a better reservation experience and advantageous accommodation options suitable for every taste at thousands of hotels, hostels, resorts and holiday villages over 170 countries at Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. We offer online flight tickets from over 700 airline companies, privileged transfer services at up to 30.000 Points, car rentals from hundreds of brands at better rates and travel guides speaking 12 languages at over 600 cities..



Our values

We'll give you more.

WWe could have a fancy and complicated website by working with the best web designers over the world but this is not who we are. To us, the best technology is the practical one that can be easily used by everyone.Confidentiality is one of our core values while processing and serving all our services. We provide our services at highest standards in line with the Swiss quality and we never give up on this standard.