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About Hotelza

Hotelza is a brand of a Swiss Company under the name of Genza SA that situates in Geneva in Switzerland. is a website that aims to give its users the best booking possibilities. The site doesn’t only provides accommodation but also plane tickets, car rental service and privileged airport transfer service, for the purpose of making the travelers find out various experiences it keeps itself always updated. maintains a big user population from all around the worldOur website makes bookings in almost 1 million hotels, villas and other different types of accommodations in 170 countries and more than 30.000 cities. Furthermore It provides customers with guest suggestions and commentaries in various languages about more than 250.000 hotels.

We try to supply our the best prices by using our strength in the industry and also suggest travel guides that implies the most popular and tourist areas, more than 600 cities and vacation places.

Hotelza owns a large information network to make the travelers discover the best restaurants, cafés, public transportation systems and places to visit and see.